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Pankoo Tv has highly skilled and trained team members. Pankoo Tv makes sure that you get the best quality videos for your kids. It is published by astute media vision which is a Mumbai based, well equipped Production House, established by Producer, Writer, Director Pankaj Sharma for the Complete in-house Production from Concept to Final Output of Kids Programs, 3D Animation Feature Films and Live Action Composite Feature Films with Visual Effects under one roof. Astute Media Vision has Indigenously produced the wide range of Award Winning Content from Live TV Series(“Hukum Mere Aaka” for Sahara) to Tele-Films and Full-Length Theatrical Movies in 3D Animation, 3D Stereoscopy, Live Action CG and Visual Effects genres more than 12 movies including Bal Ganesh, Bal Ganesh 2, Chhutanki, Bal Hanuman 2 ,Pangaa Gang, Billu Gamer etc along with 3D Comics and other Merchandise. Apart from this Astute has produced high-quality 3D Nursery Rhymes in 1st Season. Currently working on 3D Digital Content and a Live-VFX (Live cum Animation) 52 Episode Series, which has the potential to create magic in the Non-Mytho segment.

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